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Scent / Simmering Granules are relatively new to the market. Highly sought after, they are a great alternative to wax melts and can be used in a number of ways. The Scent / Simmering granules require less effort to clean the burners and a couple of teaspoons can last for approx. 4 hours, the life of a normal tealight.

The recommended dosage for fragrance is 2 – 4%. These high quality beaded granules will absorb very well the scent and colour.


Scent / Simmering granules can be used in wax melt burners. Add two teaspoons of the fragranced product.

Scent / Simmering granules can also be used as room fresheners. Just place some in a dish and leave to scent the room. The size of the room is directly depending on the fragrance strength and amount used.

Another option is to use the air convection created by the heating radiators. Add granule sin an organza bag and hang on a radiator. The radiator heats the granules giving off the aroma of the granules around the room.

Scent / Simmering granules can be used in the car, either in an organza bag, as a hanging air freshener or just poured in the ashtray (we recommend one or two teaspoons of beads).

How to:

Measure the required amount of unscented granules and put into a container with lid. Add fragrance and colour, put lid on and shake well until granules are all evenly fragranced. Make sure the dye is dispersed evenly. When satisfied with the colour and fragrance distribution in the product, pour out onto a tray with grease proof paper on and leave to dry out. Depending on the quantity of fragrance used, it can take 2-3 days for the product to dry out.

Please note that the above suggestions are based on our experience and we strongly encourage testing and experiencing with the product until you will create a satisfactory working process for yourselves.


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